Josh Kane

Pack Leader

Josh started his career in hospitality and food, It could seem like a next stepper up to sales. His experience in it was accumulated to a grand total of ten years. Now, he's being swayed elsewhere to gain some knowledge and acquire some particular jobs that differ from past professions. That make up of a man, a new career choice, was done and obtained up by Josh and the career move couldn't make any more sense. As it would for the majority of us. Where Josh's Occupation Took Him to Be: A animal caretaker and an assistant at a rescue facility. These are his newest occupations.

Golden enough more than his arrival to Canada, where Josh spent the next two years traveling and living during the Coronavirus epidemic. And by a chance meeting between two dogs and a travelling scotsman the pack was soon to grow.

Friendships, Family, and a Business. All three weren't considered but became a thing. Normal was it?…. And so Marnoch Pet Supplies - The Home Of Bonni & Lily Pet Products was born.


Head of Puplick Relations

Bonni was rescued when Josh was travelling round Canada, during his time there he got a job working in a dog daycare and rescue facility, and one day here walked in this lanky happy little girl that later become known as Bonni. Josh decided to take Bonni home over the Christmas break so she wouldn't have to be stuck in a kennel during the festive period and well... the rest as you say is histroy, she never left.

Bonni will always welcome you with a howel and a hello before trying to jump up and give you a big hug and if you ever call the office and hear howling in the background its probably Bonni telling Josh off for not giving her enough cookies


Junior Pawject Manager

Lily was also rescued while Josh was in Canada, she was rescued from a reserve in Northern Saskatchewan just as they were going through a culling. And well it was love at first sight with this little one, she immediallty became leader of the pack and when her sister Bonni came on the scene they bonded instantly.

This little one is so excited to meet new people contain her little bounce as she runs towards you. If she is not bouncing around playing she can be found snuggled up under Josh's desk